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  November 2017

  Ken Manninen, Gabriola - November 16, 2017  
 Re-engaging It is high time I got back to updating my site.  Watch for updates, including some of my recent... 
  Ian Semple, Vancouver - November 14, 2017  
 IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN “BUT I DIGRESS“ consists of “HEAD TREKS” that represent the conversion of... 

  October 2017

  Sonia Mocnik, Vancouver - October 25, 2017  
 Acrylic and more Spent today with the arts connection at the Ferry Building gallery. Sara Robichaud gave a presentation... 
  Art Marketer, Coquitlam - October 24, 2017  
 Van City call for artists  Van City has been soliciting a lot of artwork, check out and register for their artist... 
  MyArtClub.Com, Coquitlam - October 22, 2017 switches to PayPal for credit cards MyArtClub.Com continues to offer secure online methods to pay for new... 

  September 2017

  Cindy Mawle, Bowser - September 21, 2017  
 The beginning of a new painting year! Fall feels like the beginning of the year and I am working to get back into my... 
  The Vancouver Sketch Club, Vancouver - September 4, 2017  
 Tony O Regan next demo Coming September 19th, 2017 regular meeting….. Tony O’Regan - Painting the Face in... 

  August 2017

  Allyson MacBean, Vancouver - August 23, 2017  
 Awakening: Heeding the Call      Most artists and writers encounter creative blocks, and there is a... 
  Carla Smale, Victoria - August 10, 2017  
 Yoda-Rainbow Dog and other thoughts Hell everyone. It has been a strange summer-wildfires burning all over BC bringing... 

  July 2017

  Anh Thuy, Burnaby - July 17, 2017  
 Living mindfulness This is the essence of mindfulness. You are fully present in right now . You are engaged in whatever... 

  June 2017

  Peter Kiidumae, Nanoose Bay - June 4, 2017  
 COMMISSION IMPOSSIBLE Back in September last year I got myself into the challenge of my painting life by a complete... 

  May 2017

  LANNI SULJE, Port Moody - May 28, 2017  
 Painting with Gouache I’ve been working in Gouache, mostly for quick colour sketches or small plein air painting,... 
  Becky McMahon, Sorrento - May 17, 2017  
 New Directions I have launched a new branch to my artist's life. I am now using my paintings as designs for a clothing... 

  April 2017

  Fraser Valley Watermedia Society, Abbotsford - April 28, 2017  
 Expressive Portraits Think vibrant colour, loose linework and evocative emotion!  Meshaal Alzeer introduced us to... 

  March 2017

  Silvina Lanusse, Coquitlam - March 20, 2017  
 working away immersion: pieces for the book cover under... 

  February 2017

  madelyn hamilton, West Kelowna - February 10, 2017  
 NEW DIRECTIONS! The snow keeps falling!!  It's very good cardio and strength exercise, with supply of fresh air and... 

  January 2017

  Carla Weaver, Surrey - January 7, 2017  
 Gratitude Gratitude is how we acknowledge and multiply what is already good. To make our worlds good, we give thanks for... 
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